Corsair is an Open Source (GPL) RSS aggregator for Qtopia, created mainly for the Archos PMA400 series of devices, but should be portable to any platform which is based on Qtopia.


  • Project page
  • Download for ARM (PMA400)
  • Corsair FAQ
  • Change log
  • Features

  • Add/Remove feeds dynamically
  • Feed list is persistent, feeds are cached on disk
  • Shows feeds/shows in an expandable tree view
  • View show info, browse through feeds from within the viewer (no images, external links don't work yet)
  • Download enclosures with one click
  • Queues downloads if you start more than one
  • Shows (enclosures) are downloaded to /media/Documents/corsair/shows
  • Screenshots

    (These are from QPE on a Linux desktop, not an actual device, but it's about the same)

    Main view

    Info view

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